Trade lawyers and subject matter expert guests discuss timely topics on trade and national security in an informal and informative setting. Join us for lively commentary as we dissect complex areas of the law in a podcast that attempts to bring trade to the people, or as we say “trade in plain English.”

The Torres Talks Trade Podcast covers risks in trade and national security with an emphasis on emerging and controlled technologies, geopolitics, defense, cyber security, and supply chain. 

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Episode 1 - Russia Sanctions with Former Commerce Enforcement Agent

Guest: Don Pearce – Senior Trade Advisor and Former Office of Export Enforcement Agent

Description of Episode: This podcast covers Russia sanctions and a former U.S. Government Special Agent’s personal experience while living in Russia and serving as an attaché for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Listen in for a brief discussion regarding avoidance of risks for businesses with operations in the region.

Episode 2 - Cybersecurity, the Department of Defense, and the Private Sector/Government Contracting

Guest: Dave Gray – Cybersecurity Consultant

Description of Episode: This podcast discusses the rise of cybersecurity incidents and the cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program by DoD.

Episode 3 - Cross-Border Trade Disruptions between Texas and Mexico

Description of Episode:  This week’s episode covers the latest issues in cross-border trade between Texas and Mexico. Texas-based Customs Broker Adrian Gonzalez of Global Alliance Solutions helps break down the current state of supply chain disruptions, Title 42, the Summit of the Americas, and the future of international commerce between the United States and Mexico.

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