Torres Law Webinar Series

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CMMC for Defense Contractors: Where to Start?
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022 1pm CST (2pm EST)
Location: Webinar (online)

Join Olga Torres and David Gray, Cybersecurity Consultant at Torres Trade Advisory, for this informative webinar intended for C-Levels, Trade Directors, General Counsels, and a range of other Cybersecurity and Trade experts wishing to understand the basics of CMMC certification and milestones. The webinar will be in a Q&A format and will open for Q&A from audience as well.

We will discuss:

  • Realistic Expectations
  • CMMC Roadmap
  • Basic Concepts
  • Common Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Best Practices
  • Bring your questions!

“Best in Class” Trade Compliance Training Programs
Nov 15th, 2021 12pm CST to 12:45 CST

By Donna Wedgeworth

Developing and maintaining effective trade compliance training is an essential element to support a successful internal compliance program. In this webinar, we will discuss how to create a curated training program that targets key functional areas and promotes continuous learning for any business environment. The presentation will cover:

  • What is Functional Training and why it is important;
  • The concepts of Consumability and Repeatability;
  • The process of Localization in Global Learning; and
  • Methods of delivering training to your target audience.

*Participants will receive a Business Process and Training Mapping Tool to help in establishing trade compliance training targeted to key internal business functions.

Export and Economic Sanctions Due Diligence: Practical Considerations
Date: July 15th, 2021 12pm CST to 12:45 CST

By Derrick Kyle

This webinar will cover various aspects of export and sanctions due diligence, including screening, red flags, and “Know Your Customer” guidance. We will discuss:

• The role of due diligence in a larger compliance program
• Methods of screening
• Risks, Tips, and Trends
• Recordkeeping

*Participants will receive a Transaction Due Diligence Checklist

Managing Complex Corporate Investigations Involving Trade Matters
September 15th, 2021 12pm CST to 12:45 CST

By Olga Torres

This webinar will cover:

-When to initiate an internal investigation
-Overview of steps in an internal investigation
-Addressing privilege issues
-Effective investigations communications
-Document collection and management
-Investigation close-out and remediation
-Voluntary disclosures

*Participants will receive a copy of the Torres Trade Law Voluntary Disclosure Handbook. There will be 15 min of Q&A.

ITAR Agreements Management and Errors to Avoid
October 15th, 2021 12pm CST to 12:45 CST

By Maria Alonso

This webinar will cover:

  • Best Practices in Agreement Management
  • Post Agreement Approval Requirements
    • Execution and Acceptance
    • Agreement Training
    • Agreement Distribution Letter
    • Agreement Files
    • Agreement Use & Management
    • Audits
  • Challenges

*Participants will receive an ITAR Agreements Management Checklist.

USMCA Fast Response Mechanism: Are You Ready?
Location: Webinar
When: September 9, 2020

The panelists will discuss the rapid response mechanism with a focus on what American companies need to know to ensure issues are avoided. This novel mechanism provides a new tool in the U.S. – Mexican labor disputes and it is the first of its kind in a free trade agreement. Ultimately, a successful petition could end up in denial of USMCA preferential treatment, denial of entry, and other sanctions.

This webinar will provide:

  • Overview of mechanism and requirements
  • Overview of Mexican labor law
  • Tips on how American companies can prepare
  • Recommendations for Mexican Covered Facilities
  • Procedural Requirements
  • Q&A

Meet the Panelists:

Olga Torres is the Managing Member of Torres Trade Law, PLLC. Ms. Torres concentrates her practice in the areas international trade and national security law, anti-corruption compliance, and Customs matters.

Emilio Arteaga is a Partner at Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda Abogados, a prominent trade law firm in Mexico. His practice focuses on trade and customs law, devoting a significant amount of his practice to trade remedy investigations, as well as regulatory and Commercial Law issues.

Gabriela Peregrina Espino is a Partner and Head of the Labor Department at DeForest Abogados, Mexico City. Her practice areas include Labor and Social Security Law.

Tequila Brooks is an international labor and human rights lawyer in Washington, DC. She has written extensively on the intersection of trade, labor, and women's rights and is co-author of the 2019 book NAFTA and NAALC: Twenty-Five Years of Trade-Labour Linkage (2d Edition).  

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To register for these webinars, please email Veronica Ochoa at

Maria Alonso to present on ITAR Agreements: Best Practices and Challenges

Join international trade attorney Maria Alonso as she discusses the important and complex aspects of agreement management. Attendees of the presentation will receive important resources necessary to stay compliant with agreement management and avoid common errors that lead to violations. This presentation will cover:

  • Best Practices in Agreement Management
  • Strategies for using TAAs, MLAs, and WDAs
  • Post Agreement Approval Requirements
    • Execution and Acceptance
    • Agreement Training
    • Agreement Distribution Letter
    • Agreement Files
    • Agreement Use & Management
    • Audits
  • Challenges

Date: April 16, 2020 Time: 1 to 2 pm ET

Olga Torres to present on Anatomy of an Internal Investigation. This webinar will cover:

  1. Whether to initiate an internal investigation
  2. Basic steps in conducting an internal investigation
  3. Review privilege issues and implementing preservation steps
  4. Pitfalls to avoid
  5. Effective communication with upper management and other key corporate departments
  6. Gathering and sorting documentation
  7. Completing the investigation and implementing corrective actions
  8. Effective export VSD investigation stages

Date: April 23 Time: 1 to 2 pm ET

Derrick Kyle to present on preparing successful commodity jurisdictions and CCAT Requests

There are many good reasons for a company to seek a formal commodity jurisdiction (“CJ”) determination from the Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (“DDTC”), or a classification request determination from the Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry Security (“BIS”), known as a “CCATS.” This presentation will provide practical tips on preparing CJ and CCAT requests, including:

  1. Preparing the form DS-4076 required for CJs;
  2. Preparing a letter of explanation that supports the classification requested;
  3. Assembling the submission package;
  4. Relevant agency guidelines; and
  5. General strategy.

Date: April 9 Time: 1 to 2 pm ET

Donna Wedgeworth to present on Federal Research Grants vs. ITAR – The Pros and Cons of Receiving Federal Funding for R&D

Join Donna Wedgeworth, international trade advisor, for a discussion about some common federal funding mechanisms and how they can affect, and sometimes conflict with, U.S. trade regulations, particularly the ITAR.  Federal grants for research and development activities are often utilized for businesses, and particularly small businesses, to bridge the gap from concept to marketable product.  It can be a win-win for both our government and your business, but there are also some important trade compliance aspects to consider in order to avoid costly violations.

This presentation will cover:

  • SBIR and STTR trade compliance concerns
  • When an export license may be required
  • Understanding the importance of data rights
  • Partnering with a university
  • Strategies for transitioning developed products to commercial markets

Date: May 7th Time 1 to 2 pm ET

Labor & Trade: Is Mexico Ready for USMCA's Labor Chapter?

Join Olga Torres and USMBA for this informative webinar discussing the results of USMCA’s labor chapter, the rapid response mechanism as well as whether there is any other labor-related risk to Mexico-US international trade relation. The panelists will also discuss recent amendments to Mexican labor law related to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Taking into account the response mechanism and current labor environment in Mexico, the Panel will discuss whether the “priority sectors” are taking the necessary steps to minimize labor related trade risks? Finally, members of the panel will discuss the future relationship between trade and labor lawyers, including cross borders.

Location: Webinar
Date: June 2, 2020 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. CDT
Registration Information: Click here