Trade Enforcement Guide

Civil and criminal penalties levied against U.S. companies for trade violations are just the beginning of the potential unforeseen costs of doing business in the global marketplace. What cannot be quantified are the countless additional  impacts to revenue streams, both present and future, that are created by the imposition of U.S. regulatory agency enforcement actions for violations of economic and export-related sanctions and anti-corruption compliance.

The U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Departments of Treasury, Commerce and State, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are actively engaging in enforcement of trade regulations, despite the global pandemic. The DOJ has promised more focus in the coming year on investigation of trade violations.

Any U.S. business, regardless of size, commodity, or service provided, that engages in international transactions or with foreign parties is subject to enforcement actions for trade violations. Understanding the circumstances surrounding prior enforcement actions can help to avoid costly missteps.

In this Trade Enforcement Digest, Torres Law has compiled a detailed analysis of the 2021 enforcement actions taken against corporations, including executive summaries, in-depth analysis of cases organized by regulatory agency, and commentary on industry impacts and current enforcement trends. The Digest provides valuable insight for identifying trade-related activities within your current business organization that may trigger potential violations and recognizing potential hurdles to growth in the near term.

The Trade Enforcement Digest provides an overview and Summary of all recent enforcement actions, and the Regulatory Agency Companion Reference Guides directly below examine noteworthy OFAC, EAR, ITAR, & FCPA Sanctions imposed, including commentary on industry impacts and enforcement trends for 2022.

Download the full Trade Enforcement Series or select the Regulatory Agency Companion Reference Guides that apply to your company’s global trade profile.

Regulatory Agency Companion Reference Guides