DDTC and Census COVID-19 Status of Operations

Date: 03/19/2020

Today the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls published an update to its operations as follows:

  1. Licensing, Commodity Jurisdictions, and General Correspondence: Though longer processing times are expected, DDTC continues to process these submissions and new licenses will be accepted.
  2. Enrollment and Registration: Still operating and being processed via DECCS.
  3. Voluntary Disclosures: Disclosures and related information may be submitted via email to Materials should be sent on company letterhead and in PDF format. It is not necessary to send a duplicate hardcopy to DTCC through the mail.

U.S. Census Bureau Operations

  1. Call Centers and Email Inboxes: Will remain open.
  2. Voluntary Self-Disclosures and Data Requests: Submit electronically to the Trade Regulations Branch (TRB) in a password-protected file to (for VSDs) or Data User & Trade Outreach Branch (DUTOB) to (for data requests). Or submit via secured fax at 301-763-8835.

For questions on this trade alert, feel free to reach out at