Industrial Security

Committee on Foreign Investment the U.S. (CFIUS)

Torres Law assists clients with industrial security matters typically in the context of cross-border corporate acquisitions involving the defense and high tech industries (ITAR or EAR). We have experience with filings with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS), which is responsible for regulating foreign direct investment in the United States.

We can assist you with a variety of CFIUS issues, including determining if a transaction should be reported to CFIUS, preparing the joint notification to CFIUS, and assisting you throughout the CFIUS review process.

Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI)

We advise companies on FOCI mitigation, develop FOCI negation plans, and provide guidance on how transactions might be structured to best anticipate FOCI concerns.

For example, if a U.S. defense contractor with access to classified information receives funding, investment capital, or substantial revenue from a foreign source, the US Industrial Security Program can be triggered and we can assist your company comply with U.S. regulations.