USMCA Fast Response Mechanism: Are You Ready?
September 09, 2020

Location: Webinar

The panelists will discuss the rapid response mechanism with a focus on what American companies need to know to ensure issues are avoided. This novel mechanism provides a new tool in the U.S. – Mexican labor disputes and it is the first of its kind in a free trade agreement. Ultimately, a successful petition could end up in denial of USMCA preferential treatment, denial of entry, and other sanctions.

This webinar will provide:

  • Overview of mechanism and requirements
  • Overview of Mexican labor law
  • Tips on how American companies can prepare
  • Recommendations for Mexican Covered Facilities
  • Procedural Requirements
  • Q&A

Meet the Panelists:

Olga Torres is the Managing Member of Torres Law, PLLC. Ms. Torres concentrates her practice in the areas international trade and national security law, anti-corruption compliance, and Customs matters.

Emilio Arteaga is a Partner at Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda Abogados, a prominent trade law firm in Mexico. His practice focuses on trade and customs law, devoting a significant amount of his practice to trade remedy investigations, as well as regulatory and Commercial Law issues.

Gabriela Peregrina Espino is a Partner and Head of the Labor Department at DeForest Abogados, Mexico City. Her practice areas include Labor and Social Security Law.

Tequila Brooks is an international labor and human rights lawyer in Washington, DC. She has written extensively on the intersection of trade, labor, and women's rights and is co-author of the 2019 book NAFTA and NAALC: Twenty-Five Years of Trade-Labour Linkage (2d Edition).  

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